COMPETENZA concept - Comprehensive Building Construction Support

Provision of structural engineering services is one of COMPETENZA's key business areas. Our services include surveys, analysis, remediation, repair, maintenance and modernization of buildings, controlled deconstruction of industrial plants and demolition of conventional structures. 

Due to frequent occurrence of organic/inorganic contamination in buildings, remediation and deconstruction of buildings are becoming increasingly complicated and costly. The complexity of such building projects - further increased by the obligation to observe statuary regulations for waste disposal management, heat insulation and conservation of energy, and not least by steadily increasing energy prices - requires the involvement of specialists from different professional disciplines. 

With our team of highly qualified engineers, scientists, surveyors and approved experts we are able to serve our customers with unparalleled technical expertise and experience to tackle the most complex building remediation, deconstruction or redevelopment jobs. 

For more information, please contact

Thomas Brauns (Nuremberg office, phone +49 911 506880-41)
Dr. F. Jörg Wohlgemuth (Frankfurt office, phone +49 6103 20011-60)
Patricia Ziolkowski (Rhine-Ruhr office, phone +49 2104 508990-0)

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