concept – analytic – academy

Competence in all matters of toxic substances

concept - analytic - academy - the three pillars of our company.

concept stands for our team of accredited experts and consultant engineers providing competent assessment of indoor pollution levels and contaminated areas. Individually tailored redevelopment and reconstruction models provide practical solutions for the coordination of work in contaminated areas in strict accordance with SIGeKo and BGR 128.

analytic stands for our accredited and independent laboratory, for professional sampling, fast and accurate analysis of indoor pollutants and contaminated areas, and workplace environment measurements.

academy stands for practical expert knowledge training on the subject pollutants and associated occupational health and safety issues. Healthy indoor environments and innovative building design are major aspects of our work at the academy.

Expert knowledge, quality consciousness and flexibility are the cornerstones of our company ethos. Our proven track record of successfully implementing projects throughout the world underscores Competenza as your professional partner in all pollution matters. With branch offices throughout Germany and abroad, we strive for local presence to address customer needs as efficiently as possible.


Please note our new reginal offices in Hamburg and Istanbul, Turkey.